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The tailor-made production allows us to offer the solution that suits you and your business best. If you need to know the type ideal for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.



We also offer our rich experience and innovative freshness in the design, optimization and manufacture of machinery and manipulators designed for a particular operation. We are open to designs and customer requirements. We use development software to verify the function, or we can produce a test prototype to verify critical operations and fine-tune functionality. The design and functionality of the device are consulted with the customer during the design process using 3D visualization and the like. We are also able to instantly respond to the production of a test specimen or prototype using 3D printing, where the product is ready for testing from day to day.



These devices serve their purpose wherever a specific and individual approach to solving a problem is needed – whether it is handling products where standardized systems are not usable, or where it is necessary to develop a special shape, surface or construction.

Single-purpose setups are also delivered to manufacturing plants where they are needed in a large number of applications and are bulk-modified or re-developed, for example, when changing the design of a product or when passing on to a new generation.



The advantage of using single-purpose devices and products stems from functional design, design and features tailored to specific application. With this particular approach, all the deficiencies are tuned, and the device can be adjusted and customized to reliably fulfill all the features the customer requires. Thus, it is possible to perform much better than in the case of the use of common, standardized or serially-produced equipment and products.

  • High repeatable accuracy of manufactured parts
  • Superior quality parts
  • Tailored design – exactly as required
  • Increasing workplace safety

Expert results within the standards bring new opportunities both for you and our personal growth.
In this way we have the opportunity to create a new technology for every project.